“Splice” (Series)

[Photos Sarmad Al Mouallem unless otherwise indicated.]


I make large and small paintings that sometimes include collage and assemblage. My work could be reasonably categorized as abstract contemporary.

The purpose of my art practice is to engage with aesthetic forces that I do not understand. My relationship with these forces deepens over time and proximity, and also through the successful completion of work; hence my commitment to the practice of art making.

Working with unintended consequences is a crucial part of my practice. I take risks in materials and process, making mistakes and then working with the mistakes. In this way mistakes are refined and redefined, becoming synchronicities and blessings.

The drama and intrigue in my work can be applied to the issues of the day, seen through the lens of the issues of the day, without wholly submitting to the issues of the day. A flexibility of meaning is retained and the audience remains free to engage with the work on their own terms.

Night falls on ten thousand palms  
Mixed media on canvas and panel
Do you want to hear a story.
Acrylic on canvas and panel
(Click here to read about this work.)
Acrylic on canvas and wood panel
Mixed media on paper
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Assemblage with wood, acrylic on canvas
(Photo by Barb Hunt)
(Click here to read about this work.)

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